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8 Benefits Author Boxes Bring To Your Site

8 Benefits Author Boxes Bring To Your Site

It is imperative for authors and bloggers on WordPress and other blogging platforms to maintain an intricate link with their audience. Maintaining a solid connection with your readers will enable you to gain their trust and faith. Furthermore, it will also help you to gain credibility on the online platform. 

While I was browsing an article on the web about birthday places in Bangalore yesterday, I found an exceptionally informative and helpful article. It was a blog post that satisfied my needs. Scrolling to the end of the post, I learned about the writer and felt intrigued to check out more of their seats.  

But the vitality of author boxes (the section I read up) does not stop here. In this article, we have compiled a few essential benefits of using author boxes: 

What are author boxes?

What are author boxes

You can always find a small section at the end of an article or blog post conveying vital details about the author. It allows readers to learn about the author judiciously. These sections are called author boxes at the tail end of different articles. Author boxes generally contain biographical information relating to the author on the website.   

What benefits do author boxes bring to your site? 

While author boxes can usher in several kinds of benefits to improve the overall functionality of your website, here are a few vital ones that can help your brand: 

Increases traffic to your site

When a reader goes through your blog post or article and enjoys reading it, they are all the more likely to check out the author box and learn about the author. More often than not, readers who enjoy reading your article will crave more of your posts and will eventually continue visiting your site.  

It helps writers to build their reputation and credibility online

Having an author box at the end of your blog post or article allows your readers to think of you as something more than just a stranger. It helps you to build up your name in the online markets in this way.   

Allows readers to know about the author whose content they are glancing at

Author boxes serve as the primary bridge between the reader and the writer, bringing them closer. Your readers start to envision you through the information you provide in your author box.  

It makes room for collaborative working potential

Since author boxes contain biographical details of an author, you never know when a supposed reader will find interest in working with you collaboratively! You can include details of your social media accounts to facilitate such communication. It will encourage anyone who may be interested in working with you.   

Demonstrates the confidence levels of an author over others

Yes. An author box does promote the level of confidence that an author may have in himself. It is through the details mentioned in the author box that each author stands as a different entity from any other. It showcases them as someone who owns up all the articles or blog posts they have published.   

Improve the clicking rate judiciously

Viewers are likely to check out those author boxes that seem appealing to their senses rather than clicking on one that looks dull. Thus, a presentable author box can help in improving the clicking rate.  

Establishes the author as the go-to person for a designated niche

Your biographical details in the author box may open your gateway to becoming an expert in your place. Once viewers start perceiving you as an expert, you will soon find people flocking to you for any relevant information.   

Helps in guiding new readers

Though old viewers on your site are already aware of you, the newcomers are not. Your author box can offer newcomers to your site the kind of welcome they desire by providing them with relevant information about you.


While we have only listed eight benefits of using author boxes, there are still many other ways in which author boxes become crucial. So, if you still don’t use one on your site, ensure that you start using one! 

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