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Customized road maps for digital transformation

As digital transformation becomes more important each day, it helps the acceleration of digital transformation and the use of artificial intelligence for the identification of all kinds of deficiencies in corporate firms, big industrial enterprises, and the public domain, especially for those in the energy and industry sector.

The doctorate studies of Dr. Ezgi Avcı, who was a METU academist that started working in this field in the Netherlands, were the foundation of this technology company focusing on artificial intelligence and big data, Predica AI, which has announced a core capital investment launch with an online event on the 13th of July.

As a founding board member of Predica AI, I am delighted to be supporting the AI adaptation process of the EMEA region and hastening the course of Turkey on the path of becoming an information society. With the combination of Reengen’s IoT Platform technology and Predica AI’s artificial intelligence and big data expertise, we have created an organic alliance that can power the digital transformation of many different sectors, ranging from energy to industry.”, said Şahin Çağlayan, one of the cofounders and CEO of the Reengen company.

Dr. Ezgi Avcı also made a statement: “In their journey of digital transformation, many companies can lag behind because of insufficient big data and AI foundation along with a lack of resources and IT&OT systems. With the help of our team of experts in Predica AI, we are producing numerous creative solutions in diverse fields, such as the interpretation of big data, the feeding of models with data harvested by AI projects, and also avoiding recurring expenditures once again with the help of artificial intelligence.”

Dr. R. Erdem Erkul, an investor of the company and the Founder/Chairman of Cerebrum Tech described the core capital investment and the founding of Predica AI as the combination of inspiring crews and said: “If resources of structured and unstructured data are processed correctly and made comprehensibly, it will enable us better discover the requirements and thus realize digital transformation. Investment in such technology, that can extract insights, come up with estimations, and set goals, is therefore of paramount importance. I am thrilled to be a part of Predica AI, who we hope will become the pioneer of the technology that we deem to be imperative, not only for myself but for the whole Cerebrum Tech family.”

Another investment partner of the firm, Çağdaş Akarsu, Technology, and Research & Development Director of Gediz Electric Investment Inc. stated: “GDZ Electric values data analysis projects more, especially when it comes to customer satisfaction and operational productivity. In this regard, Predica AI is our trusted business partner, whose academic and sectoral knowledge we stand by and thus are working in cooperation with, not only in a commercial sense but also in a strategic Research & Development matter.

The main product of Predica AI is an Auto-ML Platform, that combines and automizes the entire artificial intelligence systems of an organization with a cumulative corporate library method. It, therefore, enables the administration and management to operate with less risk, with fewer resources, and at a faster pace. Aside from the platform service, Predica AI is helping establishments on their journey of digitalization by measuring the level of maturity for digital transformation, preparing customized road maps for digital transformation, organizing in-house artificial intelligence training programs and various services.

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