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Reasons Why Students Face Obstacles in Learning Robotics and Coding

Reasons Why Students Face Obstacles in Learning Robotics and Coding
Reasons Why Students Face Obstacles in Learning Robotics and Coding
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Reasons Why Students Face Obstacles in Learning Robotics and Coding

We are living in a technological era and we can see the influence of technology in every field. In the different forms the technology present in every field. Now the major thing that we notice in the technological developments in the working of robots. Now robots have become a very important part and it really useful in professional life. Now and in the future, we can see the importance of robots. We can see the young generation s so dependent and relaxed in the usage of technology. It is really efficient productive and also made individual creative.

The problem in communicating new language

As technology is based on coding language students must get basic knowledge related to it. Students must get the ability and skill to read and write the coding language which is a complex one. Students are experts in communicating through computer language then only they will be able to operate robots and set their activities. If a small error happens in the coding system then it will affect the function of the robot. So the computer language must be simplified and should be able to design it in a short which will help the students to understand it and they will correct their errors through mistakes.

Lack of Providing the right information and tools

It is very important that students must be possessed with the right tools and information related to it. When they become successful in their activity when they solve simple geometric tasks with the help of coding it gives them so much happiness and confidence. So if they are provided with right direction and right tools they will be able to produce what they want to produce. So they must get good guidance from the teachers for that teachers must be experts in that field then only they can provide quality teaching related to it.

Needs a creative thought process

For successive robotic functioning, a student needs creative thoughts related to it. As there are so many competing elements that are developed and each student tries to learn the programming language of the computer .so if you don’t have the passionate desire towards the learning of coding then you will find so many obstacles in the path. To create a robotic function you must possess creative thoughts and ideas. Which barely students possess.

Lack of proper facilities

To learn robotics students must have attained all the facilities related to it. In this world, only 50%of schools encourage robotic learning’s and offer all kinds of facilities. And coding is a complex language that can’t be learned in a small period of time it needs a long period of time otherwise it will not offer any kind of expertise in the field. The partial learning of robotics is not using one it must be learned and practiced in the schools and colleges. So every school and college must be organized of robotic learning and must offer all kinds of robotics and coding website facilities.

Programming is filled with fun and excitement when the programming is succeeded they will get special happiness and confidence. Because it needs many new ideas and creative thoughts to operate the robotic. Coding helps to solve the problems and break them into small parts. When they are broken into small parts then it can be handled easily and effectively. So coding needs deep concentration and also patience in handling the robotic programming. So it helps to learn a new discipline in their life. It is also a frustrating experience but they need to enjoy each step because ones they become the success then its result will so satisfying one. So there will be some obstacles in learning a new programming language but you have to take it as a challenge.


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