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Medialyzer startup, raised its first funding round!

Medialyzer startup, raised its first funding round with a valuation of 3.2 Million TL

Media measurement and impact booster startup Medialyzer, raised its first funding round with a valuation of 3.2 Million TL

Medialyzer startup, which measures and improves the performance of traditional media ads with its Artificial Intelligence supported image recognition technology, raised its first funding round from TechOne and twozero Ventures.

Medialyzer startup measure, analyze and increase the impacts of the performances of TV and Radio advertisements, raised seed-stage investment from TechOne and twozero Ventures with a valuation of 3.2 Million TL. Medialyzer startup, founded by Mustafa Güllü, Abdurrahman Beşinci, Emre Gönültaş and Can Üzüm, enables users to analyze and track traditional media advertisements with its AI based image recognition technology.

Measure the Impact of Television and Radio Advertisements

Medialyzer startup measures the efficiency of TV and Radio advertisements which are traditionally can not be measured. Medialyzer’s unique solutions Tvlyzer and Radiolyzer provides users to track all media advertisements of their competitors with its machine learning based voice and image recognition technology. Users can analyze the efficiency of their advertisements, track competitors in media channels and take a competitive advantage by automatically optimizing their advertisements with the Tvlyzer and Radiolyzer solutions.

Technologic Solutions for Traditional Advertisements

Medialyzer startup which launched its software with the global vision, provides advertisers who are in traditional media channels, the opportunity to see the cost analysis of their ads, the return of advertisement based on channel, program, genre and time-based advertisement performance analysis. Medialyzer aims to become a unique data store for advertisers who advertise on traditional media channels by launching and improving products that can measure the effects of VoD platforms and outdoor advertisements as well as measuring

“Online Solutions for Offline Media”

Medialyzer Co-Founder Mustafa Güllü; “The effects of offline media channels could not be measured. Advertisers can not measure the results of their investments in offline media channels, especially TV. We make their digital data meaningful with our video recognition and artificial intelligence technology. Advertisers can now analyze the return of their ads and increase their efficiency thanks to our platform. We aim to be the first technology company that comes to mind in measuring offline media channels’ impacts in the global market.”

You can visit  the website to get more information about Medialyzer startup.

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