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Use the Internet – How Coronavirus Has Changed the Way We Use the Internet

How Coronavirus Has Changed the Way We Use the Internet

Use the Internet – How Coronavirus Has Changed the Way We Use the Internet

The coronavirus flare-up that started before the end of last year in China has now spread to almost all nations. Some nations began their vaccine trials, but the way this pandemic is expanding its spread is terrifying. Many numbers of lives nearly about two lakhs were quashed away due to this pandemic flare.

So many nations were left with the option of saving the people by implementing lockdown measures. This Lockdown is playing its role in the way we use the Internet in a literal sense. Corona did not change the way we use the Internet, but the Lockdown did, which is implemented due to corona.

There is a persistent increase in the number of cases of the pandemic Coronavirus, which is rapidly drawing closer to 3 million stamps. Nations around the world have been closing down their borders, forcing travel confinements and sanctioning lockdown orders in their nations, all of which have contributed to plenty of individuals being stuck to their Internet-connected gadgets.

How the coronavirus pandemic changed the pattern of people’s lifestyles?

Amid times of emergency, people’s lives take their distinctive patterns of utilization, change in their propensities, etc., and they have to be compelled to remain associated and educated has contributed to a noteworthy move in how we utilize the Internet, among other things.

Since most people are working from their respective abodes, it is perfect for them to sit before their laptops or Desktops for at slightest 10 hours a day to wrap up their day by day assignments. Here a stable wifi connection can play an integral role. The work from a home culture has taken a quick hit, as companies endeavor to create the work culture from home flourishing for everything to get sorted. 

In the expansion of this, families are too utilizing tablets, laptops for playing games, watching movies together. What a fun way to remain together, indeed being separated by miles. So, more laptop usage is being observed.

How does Coronavirus lead to an increase in binge-watching?

As social isolation starts escalating and lockdown measures are being implemented; strictly, people are finding their ways to get their time passed. Lockdown there are shopping malls, Entertainment centers, Movie theatres, Clubs, and all for recreation are available for the people.

Due to this corona lockdown, every Center was shut, and people wanted their enjoyment, so people started looking towards online platforms for their entertainment. Many OTT (Over The Top) media are witnessing massive traffic to their platforms. Almost every OTT platform, be it Netflix, amazon prime, Hotstar for that matter, any other is witnessing an increase in the consumption time on the media.

How Coronavirus Has Changed the Way We Use the Internet

The pandemic leads to more alertness on the news channels

News channels have seen their colossal viewership since the last month as people start refreshing their channels every hour to get the latest news regarding the spread of the pandemic, what about the vaccine trials, and for any guidelines by the government. Even news channels on television have been witnessing the increase in their viewership as people are curious to know what is happening around the world. Some classes of people who have no access to the Internet are sticking themselves to television programs, movies, and spending their time.

Schools and colleges were also shut, so to make students engaged, many institutions have come up with an idea of conducting their classes online. These online classes can be viewed at the comfort of the student, and most of these classes are flexible even if any of the students couldn’t attend the class, they can follow the recorded class at any time according to their convenience.

The transformation of digitized classrooms

Most sects of students welcome these digitalization classrooms. Not only students, but even every class of people started learning something online, either it may be related to academics or art or any craft or music. Trainers for these started hosting their classes online and at the comfort of people they can learn.

Many companies, organizations are endeavoring difficulty in communicating with the whole group through emails and phone discussions. So, they got a simple solution to this problem; it is a video call as it is simple to have the complete group together at one go over a video call. The ease of communication increments as individuals remain inflexible with their plans and dress fittingly for work, indeed when it is being conducted from their abode.

A number of applications are being downloaded every day to assist these video calls. Many applications like Zoom, Hangouts, Cisco WebEx, Skype have taken a massive hit for downloads, and even the companies started promoting their applications in this pandemic.

The 2020 era of multiplayer e-gaming 

Even many gaming applications, especially the multiplayer gaming applications for the games like ludo, chess, pubg, and many other games, even started witnessing a massive rise in their application downloads. As most people are locked down in their homes, people started playing with their relatives and friends who are locked down miles away.

A lot of change in trajectory even observed with platforms like snapchat, TikTok, and many more people started posting their videos and showing their creativity through these platforms.

Expect the consumption of the Internet to grow even more and along with it the internet speed, but this consumption should be responsible even. It will be curious to see whether the consumption pattern in our internet propensities is just a side effect of drawn-out Lockdown or demonstrative of a greater shift in the future. Time has this answer: Let’s wait and watch.

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