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5 Tips to Strengthen Today’s Critical Home Networking

5 Tips to Strengthen Today’s Critical Home Networking

The onset of the COVID-19 outbreak and the advancement in technologies and software have alternated the scenario of “work in administrative places” into “work from home”! Besides employees, students were effectuated to replace the traditional offline classroom mode of education with online virtual classes from home.

Due to the hasten shift in the workstyle of administration, education, or other organizations to working “remotely” from the respective residential place, employees and students face glitches in the completion of their respective professional activity due to internet connectivity issues as the work relies entirely on home networking. Use this link to log in to IP address and check your network configuration.

This sudden transition has caused an unprecedented number of remote users on home and has placed a greater demand on the network infrastructure, reducing the bandwidth available for each user.

Additionally, due to the online traffic, low network connectivity is further testing their psychology to accept this shift proficiently. Online traffic is due to the prodigious surge in internet use, which includes online academic classes, webinars of research Institutions, entertainment, the social interaction from video conferencing and cloud-based access to official networks, etc.

Most of the Telecom providers are facing trouble in keeping up with the demand of the users! Thus, the transmutation has urged the necessity to strengthen today’s critical home networking.

A Guide To Enhance Your Home Networking!

A Guide To Enhance Your Home Networking!

These days your home networking not only connects you with the internet but also with your job! Here are the five tips you would need to follow up to build the best home network and guarantee your working without any hurdles of internet connectivity issues.

  1. Choose An Efficient Service Provider    

Network service providers is an organization that sells the bandwidth or network by providing direct access to internet service providers. It may consist of Telecommunication companies, wireless communication providers, cable television operators, and ISPs. Thus, being a backbone of the internet, you must search for the right network providers that give low-cost internet access and a good data usage plan.

Depending on your router and Internet Service Provider, you would be given options for how to encrypt your Wi-Fi network. Try selecting WPA2-AES (Wi-Fi protected access 2- Advanced Encryption Standard ); as it protects your Wi-Fi network from brutal force attack up to great measure and would emphasize greatly in setting up a strong home network.

  1. Choice of Internet Connection

You should choose the correct type of internet connection for your house. Among the most widely used links, i.e., DSL Broadband and a Fiber Optic Cable, the latter one ( i.e., fiber optic) should be the unquestionable choice in this modern era because it provides the internet’s best speed.

It transfers data optically as signals, through wires which are set up underground for uninterrupted connection. On the flip side, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) transfers data through the telephone lines and is comparatively slower.

DSL broadband’s major drawbacks are a failure in transmission of an uninterrupted connection because telephone and internet connections are transferred over the same line leading to overcrowding, and hence the disturbance arises.

  1. Upgrade Your Wireless Routers, And It’s Hardware

Rooter hardware plays a significant role in maintaining the speed of the internet obtained. It processes a lot of data, i.e., is transferred back and forth between the internet access and the device connected. Outdated networking hardware and absolute protocols waste a significant portion of your internet bandwidth, which is prevented by upgrading it regularly.

A multi-core processor should be your priority among different types of processes because, below dual-core processor, activities like streaming websites, social media, and online gaming platforms can’t be handled efficiently by a Single Core processor.

The New Wi-Fi 6 router (for example, SURFboard mAX Pro Mesh Wi-Fi system) provided more than 5000 square feet of wireless coverage using mesh networking. It enables a stronger connection all over your house. It is best to provide uninterrupted important video conferencing and daily classes. It provides fast services speed even though when multiple family members are connected to it simultaneously

  1. Choose The Right Wi-Fi Band

The Wi-Fi router cast frequencies depending on the band of the router. Among three ( i.e., single-band, dual-band, and tri-band), avoid using a single band because it uses a single frequency to share all the data causing significant congestion in the internet speed.

The dual-band router is used to broadcast both 2.4 gigahertz (GHz) and 5 GHz for their Wi-Fi signal. If your house is large with multiple walls and rooms as an infrastructure, choose 2.4 GHz while 5 GHz provides fast internet speed and better protection from hackers.

You should choose according to your requirements to gain better outcomes. 2.4 GHz offers the internet over a larger coverage area but has a lower speed. Contrastingly 5 GHz provides faster speed but for a shorter distance.

  1. Correct Positioning Of Wi-Fi Routers

A very basic possibility of poor network connectivity is the wrong positioning of the Wi-Fi routers at home. Routers function by emitting radio waves in all directions, so they should be placed in centrally high locations in your house to maximize its coverage area. If the Antennas are present, they should be facing towards the key devices. Placing routers at corners of the house significantly reduces its coverage area.


In this pandemic era, you can enhance yourself and be upgraded with the technologies instead of getting disappointed. With these guidelines provided above, you can strikingly reduce your professional activities’ hindrances by using good network connectivity at your home without any sort of disturbances.

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