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Indicate Your WiFi Has A Superpower In 5 Ways

Indicate Your WiFi Has A Superpower In 5 Ways

 In this digitalized and global world, one of the essential things which are needed is a stable internet connection. For the same reason, many people rely on WiFi modems, which various companies provide.

Multiple companies promise many data speeds and quantities for different prices. But what happens if your WiFi router does not provide adequate speed as promised? On one side, you cannot have the desired data speed, and on the other hand, you still have to pay the internet bills. Sites like Router Login provide detailed guides to login into your WiFi panel and optimize it.

If you have a smart home or other smart appliances, they become sluggish. But there are a few tips and tricks which will help your WiFi router attain an exceptional speed. You will not be convinced that your router has gained some superpower.

5 Things To Indicate Your WiFi Has A Superpower

Less Crowded Channel on Wifi

Many of the WiFi connections, which are often placed in an area where there is so much sharing of signal space, results in a slow connection of the internet. This widely happens with large apartments, where the modems in the same area interfere with your router signal and make them sluggish.

Cordless phone systems, microwaves, walkie-talkies, Bluetooth speakers, and various other electronic devices also play a role in interfering with your router’s channel. If your router is using the least crowded channel, then no one can stop your router from having an extraordinary speed.

Even you can do it by changing some settings of the WiFi stumbler or WiFi analyzer. Those features are available on your router, make a change, and then see the magic that your router does.

Wifi Firmware Update

Firmware updates for your WiFi router can give exceptional results if your internet connection has been down. It works like a charm. The companies often take the notes of faults and problems faced by the user and timely update their programs.

Many companies have developed this system to protect their consumers from hackers. It safeguards your router and privacy. It helps your router not get involved in any criminal or illegal activities.

You can download those programs from the website of the company once you ensure that you will improve your internet connection.

The Better Placing Of The Router

This may not seem technical enough, but believe me, this works. Many people have their modems behind the TV. That may seem space-efficient, but it does not help in providing better speeds. When a router sends signals, it experiences hindrances, which slows down the pace of data.

The presence of concrete walls, electronic types of equipment, and others, first, interferes with the signal and makes them weak. The best way to boost your router’s speed into superspeed is to place it at a point where it faces the least obstacles.

Like the corner of the room, on the ceiling, and other open spaces. This will help your router to emit unhindered signals and provide an excellent speed.

Quality Of Service

We have so many devices running in our houses on the internet, and we don’t often have a track of that. Now, this feature lets you limit the amount of bandwidth that various devices and apps use

If you want to have a super speed internet connection, then you can improvise the amount of data that all the devices are using. Some devices may have multiple downloads, video and audio streaming, and vast activities like that.

You can control them by using the tool Quality of Service or QoS. You can analyze how much data your devices and apps are consuming and set a bandwidth limit for them.

In this way, no method gets cuts out of connection but receives a relatively slower connection. This can help you get the speed when you need it the most. If this isn’t’t a superpower, I wonder what is.

Angle Of Antennas

All the modems which are available in markets come with two antennas to emit the signals. But positioning them in the same direction might cause problems while being in the other direction from the direction of antennas.

This often results in less density of signals at corners of the house and extreme density of signs in front of the router. The solution to this problem is to place both the antennas in the opposite direction. This will help to send signals to both sides while being significantly influential in the middle due to the presence of messages from both routers.

When the transmitter and receiver are on the same plane, that causes the signs to reach faster. With such small tips and tricks, you can make your router much better. 

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