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Press Release Distribution is Still Important, how about Advertorial Distribution

Press Release Distribution is Still Important, how about Advertorial Distribution

Advertorial Distribution is a concept created by the combination of the word “Advertisement” and the word “Editorial”.

Advertorial looks like any article in the same publication. Because it has a similar layout, similar layout, similar font, and similar image with the publication that it is usually in. In addition, the phrase “This is an advertisement” is added to the top or bottom corner of the page to indicate that the content is advertising, not literary.

Press Release Distribution is Still Important, how about Advertorial Distribution

While it is observed that the “Informing”, “Rationality” and “Consistency” variables in the Advertorial application knowably understand how consumer product and product are useful and form a certain logic in the consumer, in  traditional application are added “Difference”, “credibility” and “attractiveness” to “Informational” and “Rationality” variables. This can be said to be due to the fact that the vast majority of print ads are traditional advertising applications and that they have to differentiate from similar advertisements in order to persuade the consumer to offer convincing and advertised products in an attractive way. While “Variation”, “Attention Attractiveness”, “Satisfaction” and “Simplicity” variables are related to creating awareness in the Advertorial application, it is noteworthy that the variables of “Accent” and “Attention Attachment” and “Goodness” and “Persuasion” . In other words, while advertorial practice is associated with the entertaining, remarkable and plain taste component and raises awareness, awareness raises awareness that traditional advertising practice offers a conspicuous, persuasive and good product. While the Advertorial application has a look of a page with a news quality in terms of design, it is worth noting that it is worth reviewing due to the difference in the content and appearance of the consumer opinion, while the traditional advertisement application is worth reviewing with its understandable, entertaining content and plain appearance.

Press Release Distribution


While the advertorial is at the forefront with its ability to communicate enough information to the consumer and clearly show how the advertised product is beneficial, Press Release Distribution comes to the forefront with its visual appeal, fun content and simple and impressive appearance. When two applications are compared to advertised product, it is seen that product is interesting in advertorial application which has a look and content with news quality, product appreciation, superiority and distinct differences compared to product competitiveness, product is good and productive product, And the emotional factors of personal confidence and happiness that will be provided in case of use.

Nevertheless, traditional advertising practices do not include variables that are effective and productive within the same emotional factors, that they have a positive opinion on the product and that the product can be used safely. The mentioned variables are included in the rational benefit variable group. This difference may be the result of the advertorial application describing in detail the parameters such as all possible information, benefits, possibilities of use for the product.

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